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losing people to drugs and alcohol is the worst because they destroy any good memories you have of them before forcing you to deal with the empty space they leave behind. also whoever keeps putting the few quotes i said early in my career about drugs back into my wikipedia page is an asshole. I…

SFX Hires Paul Greenberg as President!

     Word has it that Robert Sillerman, the CEO of SFX entertainment, is handing over management to a familiar face apart from the other acquisitions. Companies like TMWRK are providing the artist management position while Learned Evolution and The Meta Agency holds marketing strategies for the upcoming festival season. Sillerman explained at a recent press release that with the mission being to expand the electronic dance culture more marketing and designers were to be hired in order to reach their audience. 

     Since the up rise in 2012 was so successful I presume this year to be nothing but double the profit. Now reaching out in the states it’ll be inevitable to keep anything from his influence. Especially since our savvy and bashful ex-College Humor CEO, Paul Greenberg has been given the chance to bring SFX to new heights. With being the new president and all this could potentially increase the expansion around the mid-west states, which in turn can mean a global conquest for SFX.

Looks like Pasquale Rotella has something to worry about, don’t you?

     By any means it’s both good and bad news for the EDM community. Our mainstream media continues to poke its noses into the scene leaving a gap for drug dealers and teenagers to alter the passion and meaning behind the events. People like Kaskade, Pasquale, and Hardwell envisioned to make it better, but the direction speaks otherwise. Our only hope is Sillerman can contain the real mission statement instead of marketing expansion. There is little now to tell us of his endeavors but sooner or later we’ll see what this advancement does for society.

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Axwell Is Starting Off Great Without SHM

     Music is a special toy every single human being uses to express themselves in ways that cannot be explained. Delivering us one more tune to make us grab that euphoric feeling is none other than ex-Swedish House Mafia producer Axwell. With handling his own record company and managing other artists the man has had barely anytime to give us something tasty. Luckily for us he’s created a remix of Hook n Sling’s song Tokyo By Night. 

     This one starts out quicker than the original and actually gives it a consistent background beat as Karin Park sing her heart out. It’s one of those builds that you’d see everyone getting ready to jump to at a concert or festival. Beautiful composition Axwell. Continue the hard work!

Tokyo by Night- Hook n Sling (Feat. Karin Park) (Axwell Remix)

     As always I encourage you guys to follow if the music catches your attention. I don’t disappoint when I find good music. Also stay tuned for more guys because I’ve been saving up on unheard of tracks and stories that I know you’re love hearing about. 

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Dj Snake’s Concert Made a Guy Fall Through the Floor!

Ever since I went to EDC Chicago festivals, clubs, and various venues are get in trouble for partying too much over the limit. We can all admit while where here that it’s pretty nice when the speakers produce such hardcore bass and clarity. This time Orlando’s very on Roxy Nightclub was shut down just short of two hours early because a attendee for Dj Snake’s performance fell seventeen feet from the upstairs part of the bar. We’ve gotten reports though that our victim of the accident broke a leg, if not both- yet is alive and recovering just fine. 

I presume a lawsuit could sprout from this but who knows; Roxy did say it was completely unintentional. here’s what one person said:

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Syn Cole - Miami 82 (Jerry Folk Remix)

     It breaks me to hear our city’s godfather of house music recently past away last night. Frankie Knuckles was a huge impactful producer and person to the community we live in now. Dance music superstars like Avicii, Ferry Corsten, and Moby all followed in a progressive style similar to Frankie’s spunk and really expanded to more listeners ears as we see it today ruling the media. He may have passed away young but he made his mark stronger than most influential artists in the industry.

Jerry Folk, an eighteen year old from Oslo, Norway, quickly became one of many pursuers for spontaneous notoriety house music artists in efforts of making a continuing example for classical music genres.

When I hear this single all I can think about is the perfect mashup of those genres: hip-hop and house, when combined will produce an everlasting song. Get set college students, summer is coming, and theres more amazing tracks approaching your news feeds.

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Mat Zo has been very eager to get out and tour again people! His travels won’t begin until summer but keep an eye out for new music because there are rumors about him and collaborations with others are to another album.  Sadly he won’t be hitting up Wisconsin or Chicago so maybe I’ll sit this tour out. That of course doesn’t mean you have to stop. Keep checking in on his Facebook for links to Songkick soon.
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This comes to now surprise for me. Just yesterday I was glued to me laptop screen listening to his insane drops at Ultra Music Festival in Miami and now he’s coming to Concord in my very own city, Chicago. Special guests Cookie Monsta and Eptic will be spinning as well so be prepared to have a sore neck. General admission is only $18 too so don’t wait long. Oh and I promise this time the roof will not go down during the show. Jeff Callahan said so himself during a press release about Concord.
Tickets can be purchased online and at the door. But if you’re not walking distance here’s the link. Hope to see you guys there!
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Jack Beats is going on tour fellas. This one is big too, from the looks of it every single major city in the country will be listening to Jack Beats for awhile to come. Stay posted for more tour dates!
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Make Life Easier and Stop Buying Expensive Houses- Here's An Option

Preferences to obtain a luxurious and extravagant  home for you and a family is not exactly a realistic goal anymore. In fact not much less than ten percent of the whole world reigns in the glory of having such a wealthy lifestyle. Instead of following the path to debt like most of America’s people this family did what were perceive as impossible. Building a small home for him and his wife they no longer have to worry about other expenses than a tank of gas, waste, and recycling. These sorts of ideas are growing and in all honestly I’d say we can learn a thing or two from this couple. Click above to get the whole story- enjoy.

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Aerobic Breakdancing on New York City Streets


Watch it right now by click here!

It’s an amazing sensation when you play a song and you’re standing there and all of a sudden you can tell how to dance to the emotion embedded within it. The smooth rise and fall of music waves makes for an uplifting show as we all know, but what happens when you combine a fascinating dancer with a song like “Dreamin” by Pillar Point- a band from Seattle that pushes for such deep and personal music.

It incorporates a vintage synthesizers and bass line kicks that pulses sweet melody music throughout the whole video. The power from within the words and beats makes it irresistible to not find your own rhythm of dance like this man.

Aerobic dance moves may not be your first choice but for Daisuke Omiya there seems to be much more intense emotion behind it. Just look at his face expressions, you can see how strong the song bleeds within ever muscles, every bend, every breath he takes. Running around in the center of New York City him and director Jacob Krupnick from Wild Combinations venture along the parks and sidewalks, moving all along through the crowds as he pulls off backflips, splits, and handstands with such elegant ease. A single red dot within others our dancer is found portraying a dream like state where he and only he exist within this world. True art my friends. 

Click the video and play the whole thing. I hope you can sense the power from inside the song and choreography like I did. Let me know what you guys think. Enjoy!

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Avicii’s Spot for Ultra Music Festival Will Be Taken by Deadmau5!

Yup, you heard right. With Avicii not being fit enough to go on for Ultra soon. We have gotten a tweet from a fellow blogger not too long ago about the news.

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